Triumph AirTEM Time-Domain System

Triumph Instruments has designed the most advanced helicopter time domain electromagnetic system (HTEM) available anywhere in the world today. The design has evolved from earlier successful designs, all based on the concept of a rigid airframe to maximize signal to noise ratio.

The current generation of Triumph HTEM systems is called AirTEMTM and features the most versatile options such as:

  • in-flight base frequency and duty cycle adjustment,
  • all-in-one 3-axis receiver coil, full waveform recording at a 10 micro-second sample rate,
  • on-time, off-time and B-field processing.

In addition to its many features the AirTEMTM system is the only HTEM system available that features both resistive on-time profiling and conductive on-time profiling as well as dual frequency mode processing, all of which are available simply by reprocessing the flight data which is collected at a single base frequency. Both conductive and resistive targets can be processed easily without having to re-fly the survey lines.